Birmingham Milling Machines Factory Brochure

From our Taiwan Made Mill heads that feature Class 7 bearings to the automotive finish on our Certified Meehanite castings, you will not find a better built Milling Machine from China

We offer two main models each available with either a Step Pulley Head or the Popular Variable Speed Head. The 3949 series are Vee Way Machines with a 9 x 49″ Table. The 1054 Series have Square Ways on the Knee and Cross Feed and feature a 10 x 54″ Table.

  • Certified Meehanite Castings, Turcite B on Female Surfaces, 9″ x 49″ or 10″ x 54″ table
  • Easy to Read Dials, Dove Tail Ways or Square, One Shot Lubrication,
  • Hardened and Ground Table, Hardened and Ground X and Y Slideways
  • Dual Table Locks, Dual Knee Locks
  • 3 HP, 16 Speed Step Pulley Head, Class 7 R8 Spindle, Chromed Quill
  • Coolant Ready Base

We have all the options you would need:  

  • Digital Read outs, All Major Brands Available
  • Powerfeeds for the Table X and Y, plus Vertical Knee Feed
  • Clamp Sets , Collet Sets, Work Lamps, Machinist vices and more

Look over the Factory Brochure below and then allow us to quote you a custom price warehouse direct to you.

Use your mouse and click on the FACTORY Brochure below, then us the mouse hand wheel to page up and down. Note you can zoom in and out, plus click the download button for your own copy.